"Transparency and honesty" is our motto in regards to all our clients.  Our intent is to guide you, and make sure you are on a right path to success in reaching your financial goals. Then it is up to us, to help you and your company get to the finish line. We have done over 70 Bond Issuances, and in excess of 20 Stocks Offerings. This has enabled us to raise substantial capital for many of our clients.



Mr. Joachim Ike Werk

International Media Finance, Film-,TV- and Musical Finance, Corporate Finance

After graduating from High School, Ike joined the German Airforce in 1967 to become a Fighter Pilot trained on Lockheed F-104G and  F-104F (Starfighter) based in Jever, WASLW 10 and Wittmund, Squadron Richthofen. He left in 1970 as Captain.

Ike started his film career studying in L.A. at  UCLA, Department of Motion Pictures, TFT Theatre-Film-Television 1972 – 1975 graduate degree MFA. He worked as personal assistant of Sandy Howard of ARFC American Repertory Film Company. Ike also continued to work as Production Manager and Line Producer for several German and International films shot in Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 1980 he produced his first own feature film ”Kalt wie Eis” aka “Strike back”, directed by Carl Schenkel, winning the prestigeous Max Ophüls Award and produced 23 feature films in Europe and Africa. In 1991 he became shareholder and Producer of Sandy Howard`s ARFC American Repertory Film Company. He was responsible for 11 international feature films. In 1996 he produced very successful "Ms BEAR”, winner of the UNICEF Special Children Award 1996. Parallel to these family films he coprodcued "SAVIOR", an antiwar movie, directed by Peter Antonijevic, starring Dennis Quaid, Nastasia Kinski, Stellan Skarsgard etc.;

In 2004 - 2016, together with Silvio Muraglia he founded and managed Keystone Media AG, a Media Investment Company paving the way to new distribution and financing tools. Together with Gaston Abbelo and his team (former Merril Lynch, now Morgan Stanley, Penta Group) they developed new ways to finance Media including internet streaming, feature films (40 – 120Mio) tv-series (30 – 100Mio) and musicals up to 100Mio using securities (Bonds, Shares, etc.) tax shelter, Co-Production regulations with certain countries, European subsidies, etc.

In 2018 Ike Werk founded together with Philipe Palide two companies: World Stock & Bond Trade Ltd and IFM UK Ltd – International Film Management.


Mr. Philippe Palide

Philippe has been graduated from Nice university in 1984 and started his carreer in real estate, marketing property development projects in south of France – Côte d'Azur and then in south of Spain – Costa del Sol.
Back to France in 1998, he became a property trader in Nice area and founded his own real estate agency in Cannes – Andersen Real Estate.

He sold his company five years later because it was natural for him to jump into finance and investments.

Since then, he has been trading in Stocks and Bonds, he is mostly operating on European Stocks. He has done investments in some Mutual Funds such as Vangaurd, previous Soros Fund Quantum Fund which he did very well.

He helped clients with their Business Plan to go public as well in Marche Libre France. He is right now working on variety of special products in Mining sector to go public on Frankfurt Stock Exchange.