We have various structured finance vehicles to facilitate your funding.  As long as you have a compelling story, experience and are an expert in your field, we can genuinely help you to obtain the funding you require to take that next big step in expanding your business.

We want people that are serious about their work, that have the knowledge and wherewithal to succeed. It is important to be able to substantiate the demand for your service/product/project. To further have the ability to meet that demand, and know that you have a competitive edge over your closest competitors.

At no time should you apply, if you are just interested in just turning a quick profit.  We only choose to work with viable candidates, as your motives for getting the funds, is key in working with our funding partners. Once we have ascertained the validity of your proposal, we can then fully commit our efforts, towards procuring you the right funding opportunities. 

The various types of structured financing our firm does are briefly summarized below. All are viable options; it is just a matter of choosing the right one to meet your specific needs. The process is simple, in all cases, we require 3 (three) years worth of audited financial statements, a business plan that includes 3 to 5 years worth of projections, and the approval for your project from our structured finance committee.