1. Client provides KYC / Three Year Tax Return / Web Site to be done according to the exchange info high light of the Project for clarity and phone number and answering secretary or a service
  2. Project summery and Projection report for next five years
  3. World Stock & Bond will be Granted Limited Power of attorney to complete the issuing and registering the Company to be listed on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  4. We retain KPMG and Baker McKenzie on behalf of the company to represent the company as their Legal Team and Lead auditor for all accounting work
  5. Company will be registered with British Colombia with all the board of directors and signing off that 20% of the shares issued belongs to WSB, at all times Main Board of Directors will be holding the total control, the shares will not have any voting rights so the company will be hi jacked by no entity
  6. Company will be registered with the Clearing House of CDS (clear Stream) & Euroclear
  7. All documentation will be sent to TSX for approval and usually it will be 90 Days or Sooner to process all the above and submittal to the Exchange
  8. What ever the asset value or projection value will be based on Multiplier it would be 7 to 10 Times that amount we issue in Shares to be sold Publicly
  9. Once listed on Exchange we will have the Market Maker retained to make sure the stock will be managed Properly and no unusual Short Position by no one can acure
  10. Once stock is trading on TSX within 10 Trading days we will passport the company to OTCQX fully reporting and the process will be in less than 30 Days then the company will be trading on TSX and OTC QX the best liquid Market in the World,
  11. We will have to buy back shares on a continuous basis to sustain the stock for support, it will be done properly and legally through the proper system, usually 25% of all stocks sold must be bought Back for support of the Market through Market Makers
  12. After 60 Days of proper trade of daily of 100K to 500K we will be doing a loan for client if they wish through our Investment Bankers in London and Japan and Germany and Switzerland and raise the entire fund for the project in a form of stock Loan