1. Client provides KYC / Three Year Tax Return / Web Site to be done according to the exchange info high light of the Project for clarity and phone number and answering secretary or a service 
  2. Project summery and Projection report for next five years
  3. World Stock & Bond will be Granted Limited Power of attorney to complete work for the offering Memorandum
  4. We retain KPMG and Baker McKenzie on behalf of the company to represent the company as their Legal Team and Lead auditor for all accounting work
  5. 20% of the funding belongs to WSB 
  6. Existing shares are  registered with the Clearing House of CDS (clear Stream) & Euroclear 
  7. What ever the asset value or projection value will be based on Multiplier it would be 7 to 10 Times
  8. Funding through existing assets and instrument takes 45 Days to 60 Days